We've put together a library of documents and resources that we think that you will find useful and helpful. Some of these documents we have put together, and others we have included because we found them really good.

We are always adding to the library, so keep checking back to see if there is anything that you can use. And let us know if you find something we should include, or if you think we need to cover a specific area.

Social Investment: An Overview

Handy quick introduction to Social Investment from our colleagues at the Government Outcomes Lab


Gender gap Infographic

The reason why this project exists. An infographic that highlights issues facing women and women led businesses in the East Midlands (and beyond)


A Social Investors view

A unique examination of SocialInvestment from Niamh Goggin, a provider of, and recipient of Social Investment


Business plan for seeking investment

A super handy document from our friends at The Key Fund, who have put together this document to help organisations develop a Business Plan for Social Investors


Case studies

We are often asked to share some examples of Social Investments. You can find lots of Case Studies on the Good Finance website. Click on the picture, go have a browse and be inspired


What is a product?

An area where community organisations can have real problems is around defining their product, and working out how to market it. This handy guides looks at all issues around ‘products’

SociaL impact bonds in lincolnshire

An easy read general document about Social Investment, and Social Impact Bonds and how they could be delivered in Lincolnshire, from Sortified and Lincolnshire Community FoundatioL


on an equal footing workshop slides

The slides that we use in our On An Equal Footing Workshops


Planning for investment

A document we put together to help organisations look at their current position, and see where they need support and investment before seeking Social Investment


planning for a new service

A quick guide to support organisations who are thinking about seeking Social Investment, to focus in on key points that help define a new service or product


key considerations for social investment

Thinking about Social Investment as an option for your organisation? If so, you may want to take a look at this handy infographic which may give you some food for thought. Click on the image to access the full file.


commissioners & commissioning

A dark art for many organisations, this handy guides looks at what is commissioning, who is your commissioner and what can they do for you and your organisation

Social Impact Bond Infographic

A simple infographic demonstrating how a Social Impact Bond works


Charity Bank Information slides

Really useful set of slides from The Charity Bank, detailing what they do, and how they can help


Mid point review

Here you can find the On An Equal Footing project’s Mid Point Review document which highlights some of the emerging issues, barriers and challenges


glossary of terms

The good people at Big Society Capital have put together this handy glossary of terms to help us all make our way through the language minefield that is Social Investment. Hopefully this makes things a lot more understandable


trustees and Social investment

One of the most common barriers related to the uptake of Social Investment is a reluctance to borrow or consider repayable finance by Trustees and Boards. This infographic gives a number of points for Trustees and Boards to work through when thinking about Social Investment