Here are some videos that we have found or made which we think could be useful

social investment: an overview

A great animated introduction to Social Investment from the Cabinet Office


Let's talk good finance

Useful presentation from a recipient of Social Investment talking about how it worked for them


Example of social investment #3

Example 3 is all about Social Investment Bonds and how they could help your organisation

Social Investment Tax Relief Explained

Nice simple video that explains Social Investment, but adds in Social Investment Tax Relief. A bit more complicated but this makes it easy. And through the medium of baking. This one comes courtesy of our friends at Big Society Capital


Example of social investment #1

Example 1 shows how Social Investment was used by a small Community Interest Company to develop a new building


Example of social investment #4

Example 4 looks at Blended Finance Models and how they work

What are social impact bonds?

Here's another brilliant short animation from the government. This one tells us all about one of the types of Social investment, Social Impact Bonds.


Example of social investment #2

Example 2 shows how Social Investment can be used by a Social Business to increase its revenue


information for investors

Useful video from the Key Fund outlining the information that Social Investors need