What Were We Trying To Achieve


What were We TRying To Achieve

The objective of the project was to support women and women-led organisations within the Community Sector to access and benefit from Social Investment opportunities, build exciting, innovative projects, and deliver outcomes for people and benefits for society.


The principle outcomes we were seeking are:

  • More women-led organisations in the East Midlands receive Social Investment

  • Women-led organisations in the East Midlands are more financially stable

  • More women feel empowered through knowledge and understanding to drive their Community Sector business forward


The project sought to increase benefits around:

  • The number of women-led organisations funded by Social Investment

  • The range of organisations benefitting from Social Investment

  • The number of people benefitting from Social Investment

  • The number of Social Investments across the region

  • The amount of allocated funding released for Social Investment

  • Growth of women-led organisations

  • Gender inequalities and disparities

  • Sustainability of the Community Sector

  • Investment into the Community Sector

  • Savings to Statutory Authorities

  • Increase in Preventative Service

  • Reputational Benefits for the National Government


Basically, we think that women-led organisations can be more sustainable by looking at and utilising Social investment, and that there are significant opportunities for growing, thriving and innovative women-led Community Sector organsisations across the East Midlands. We want women to thrive, and this is one potential way of doing so.